House and Land Packages Sydney


Starting a family often includes purchasing a new home, and what most new home buyers know is that the traditional way is through house and land packages.

There are a lot of things that one must consider in selecting the right package for them. One needs to consider the neighborhood, the right spot, and/or the right builder who is going to create one’s dream home.

These considerations need a proper guide in order for you to start on the right foot.

Choosing the right real estate is important. Consider the things that suit your lifestyle; check your travel time going to your work, family, and friends. Apart from that, the having a good landscape design which is a child-friendly community is important if you have a growing family.

Social interaction should also be considered. This means that it should be accessible to shopping centers or have open spaces like parks and trails where people can interact with each other.

  • Lot

The type of lot that one needs to consider should suit the type of design that one wants to build. You might either have the orientation of the home facing the sunset or the other way around. There are times when you choose a smaller lot it could be much closer to parks. Lastly, the type of soil also adds to the building cost. If the contractor finds the soil to be unstable it may cause for the building cost rise.

  • Builder

Choosing the right builder is important as choosing the right lot. First and foremost, before contract signing, you must make sure if the builder has the following: license to operate, insurance, checked your lot and previous projects for reference.

Talking to your builder is crucial, both parties should be clear at the beginning of the project. Discuss with them what are included in their service and what is not.

The builder should be open to any changes the buyers would want, yet they should inform the buyers if the changes are feasible or not.

There should always have an open communication with the builder and the buyer. At the beginning of the contract, it is important to state the length of the construction.

  • Inclusions


Building a house is not a joke as this requires effort and money, and this needs serious attention. We use this list to help them before committing to any house and land packages in Sydney.

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Pros and Cons of Rent to own homes

Rent to own real estate properties are already popular in Australia, and their target market are those who do not have enough funds to purchase a property making a one-time payment or those who are not qualified to apply for home loans or mortgages.

Yes, it sounds interesting but buyers must know the advantages and disadvantages before getting one. Here are some examples of the benefits of this rental scheme:

  • The owner / seller of the property will only require the buyer to give a partial payment which is a percentage of the total selling price. The down payment range could be from 20% – 50%
  • You can already move-in to your new house just right after handing over the down payment.
  • Just like other countries, mortgage and banks companies in Australia are somehow hard to please. But, with rent to own schemes, No need for loan application which requires a lot of documents and proofs for approval.
  • You can have your own house by installment buying.

But, the downside of this payment scheme are:

  • The monthly lease is more expensive than a regular home rental.
  • Remodeling, expansion or major reconstruction of the real estate property is not allowed unless fully paid
  • Some sellers apply penalties for late monthly payment
  • If the buyer can no longer pay for the monthly rent, the seller can ask them to move out and the down payment will be forfeited.
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How to make your property more valuable and easy to sell

In Australia, many people assent to selling their real estate properties in order to buy new homes or transfer to another city. It is not a secret that some houses are really unsellable due to its physical condition and age.

  • Repair the structures. You may spend some money for the renovation but this will definitely add value on your property. It is important to check the ceiling, roof, walls, windows, pipes and electrical wirings since no one wants to buy a house with leaks and cracks. The clients must feel safe and comfortable upon ocular visit.
  • If you only have a small budget and limited time, you should consider cosmetic renovation. This includes repainting, new bathroom and floor tiles installation, placing new counter tops in the kitchen, changing light fixtures and putting up new wallpapers. Cosmetic renovation can be done in 4 weeks or less depending on the size and condition of the home.
  • Furnish your home with blinds, carpet and lamps. These items make the property more attractive
  • If you have more time, funds and space, you can try adding another room or expanding some areas of the house. Putting up a small library, den, playroom or music room is quite interesting.
  • Don’t forget the lawn. Create a refreshing and delightful landscape in your garden instantly. If your property has a yard, make it more buoyant by placing plants on pots or organic vegetables which is popular in Australia. If you cannot afford to replace the grass, maybe you can decorate the grounds by putting pebbles or install outdoor tiles to set up a patio.

Investing in real estate in Australia is one of the best decisions you can make, all you have to do is follow these guidelines to sell your properties easy and fast. These tips are guaranteed effective and recommended by licensed real estate agents and realtors.

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Where to buy a real estate property in Australia

Melbourne and Sydney comes into mind every time we hear about the best cities in Australia. Yes, these are great choices but when you are planning to buy a property in these cities, don’t be surprised to see high-priced homes or lands here.

Don’t lose hope because aside from Melbourne and Sydney, there are more cities in Australia where you can afford to buy real estate properties. The following are the places you should consider when purchasing your first home and these are highly recommended by top-notch agencies:

  • Joondanna – Situated in the capital of Western Australia, Perth. Joondanna suburb is not that popular but it has lots of schools, parks and churches within the community. Real estate properties here are affordable and can be good investment for the future. The place is near Central Business District.
  • Liverpool – also a community of Sydney in the state of New South Wales or NSW. This city is somehow affordable for some investors at this point but, in the near future, properties here will appreciate due to the ongoing development in the area.
  • Logan City – which is located between Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland. This city is not over populated compared to other popular cities in that state. The price of real estate in Logan city is comparable to Liverpool. Some infrastructures may rise soon near this city so, expect a little increase in value.

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