About Us

Tuttle Realty is a real estate company based in Australia since 2004. We are known for outstanding leadership when it comes right down to real estate marketing.  What makes us different from other agencies is our knowledge in property selling or leasing and professional attitude when dealing with clients.

We started as a small agency in Sydney, 12 years ago. We only had three employees at that time and acted as consultants /agents for almost 2 years. At present, our company has more than 30 staff members and these agents and brokers are all licensed. Half of our workers have been doing the business for more than a decade now.

We update our potential buyers about the market and trends in the real estate industry. Our goal is to encourage prospects to learn the importance and advantages of investing in real estate. Also, we are open to free consultations to property buyers and sellers in Australia so we can give them more recommendations and information regarding taxes, mortgages, investment and capitalization.

Our website posts updates and latest news about the real estate world often to help clients and supporters gather new ideas and guidelines. Our blog is not only for investors and homebuyers, but also for sellers or realtors.