Where to buy a real estate property in Australia

Melbourne and Sydney comes into mind every time we hear about the best cities in Australia. Yes, these are great choices but when you are planning to buy a property in these cities, don’t be surprised to see high-priced homes or lands here.

Don’t lose hope because aside from Melbourne and Sydney, there are more cities in Australia where you can afford to buy real estate properties. The following are the places you should consider when purchasing your first home and these are highly recommended by top-notch agencies:

  • Joondanna – Situated in the capital of Western Australia, Perth. Joondanna suburb is not that popular but it has lots of schools, parks and churches within the community. Real estate properties here are affordable and can be good investment for the future. The place is near Central Business District.
  • Liverpool – also a community of Sydney in the state of New South Wales or NSW. This city is somehow affordable for some investors at this point but, in the near future, properties here will appreciate due to the ongoing development in the area.
  • Logan City – which is located between Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland. This city is not over populated compared to other popular cities in that state. The price of real estate in Logan city is comparable to Liverpool. Some infrastructures may rise soon near this city so, expect a little increase in value.